Laughter and fond memories await!

Gordo's magic is extremely flexible, and can entertain up-close, on a large stage, or at a house party. Peruse his offerings below, and then get in touch before your date on his calendar disappears!


Party Magic by Gordo the Magician Party Magic by Gordo the Magician

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  • An amazing, interactive show, typically lasting 50-55 minutes.
  • Ideal for birthdays and family celebrations, also a great choice for smaller corporate functions.
  • Includes a flashy backdrop and professional sound system, when necessary.

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  • Entertainment is custom-matched to the age group of the audience (for children’s shows, fire is never used).
  • Volunteers are never teased or made fun of; any light-hearted, comedic jeering is always at Gordo's expense!
  • Can feature a LIVE rabbit magically appearing! And yes, the guests are more than welcome to pet the bunny after the show.
  • The guest of honor (often the birthday boy or girl) would become Gordo’s official assistant and participate in several tricks, including turning a handful of silk handkerchiefs into a purple tuxedo T-shirt that they get to keep!
  • Each guest will receive a novelty Mystery Dollar to take home.
  • Contact Gordo today to host his Party Magic show at your event!
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Gordo the Magician's Illusion Show! Gordo the Magician's Illusion Show!


  • Can run anywhere from 25 minutes to an hour, depending upon your needs.
  • Features larger props that are best suited for a stage.
  • Might even include sawing a person in half, levitating assistants and/or volunteers, and Gordo’s favorite, The Kub Zag!

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  • No need for a sound guy! Gordo brings his own professional sound equipment, including microphone, that can fill an auditorium of almost any size.
  • No need for stage hands! As with the audio technician, Gordo brings his own stage crew, along with a host of lovely assistants

  • SPECIAL NOTE: Large stage shows are perfect for fund raisers! If the event planners provide the facility and take care of ticket sales and marketing, Gordo will provide the entertainment in exchange for a percentage of the gross proceeds.

  • Get started by contacting Gordo about his incredible Stage Show!
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Strolling Magic by Gordo the Magician Strolling Magic by Gordo the Magician
Unforgettable restaurant magic by Gordo the Magician


  • The perfect way to spice up any event without having a formal show.
  • Gordo will perform mind-blowing magic that often happens in the spectator’s own hands, making it truly unbelievable!
  • Adaptable to almost any type of event, including corporate functions, family reunions, dinner parties and more.

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