Gordo answers your questions!

Gordo the Magician and his lovely assistant, Teri

There are a lot of magicians out there, Gordo. Why should we choose you?
Michigan is fortunate to have a number of amazing magicians, many of whom I've actually had the pleasure of working with at some point. Unfortunately there are also a lot of not-so-great magicians, and the best way to separate the good from the bad is by asking a lot of questions, such as ...

What sort of magic do you perform?
I perform all types, from strolling magic to birthday parties, all the way up to large-scale stage shows.

What about a lovely assistant?
My wife Teri comes with me to almost every performance and does all the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

What is your average show like?
My most popular 'party-type' show runs approximately 50-55 minutes and is full of LOTS of laughs and audience participation. It includes a flashy (yet portable!) backdrop, professional sound system (including microphone, if necessary), T-shirt giveaway for one special volunteer, and a giveaway item for all of the guests to take home. For more show information, visit my Magic page.

What type of equipment do you use?
Simply put: The best! All of my props are top-quality, and many have been custom made by professional illusion builders to my exact specifications, right down to the accent colors.

How much does your show cost?
Unfortunately it's not possible for me to accurately quote a price without first knowing a few of the relevant details, such as location, audience size, types of effects you'd like me to incorporate into the show, and so on. For specific pricing, please call me directly (734-904-3480) or e-mail me, and I'll get back to you soon!

Can we have the show outside?
Yes, outdoor shows are possible with the following stipulations:
(1) A power source (outlet or extension cord) needs to be within 25’ of the performance area.
(2) The show needs to be either in a pavilion or under some sort of cover. Rain isn’t the only concern; wind and sweltering summer heat are also factors that can detract from the show. Given the ‘nature’ of being outdoors, please be advised that there are certain popular effects that I will be unable to incorporate into the show. T-shirt given out by Gordo the Magician

Do you offer party favors?
Most of my shows include a T-shirt giveaway for the guest of honor or one special volunteer. Additional shirts can be purchased at a price of $15, although I will need to know ahead of time roughly how many I should bring and what sizes. I also have 'Official Gordo the Magician Magic Wand' kits available at a whopping $2 each. Each kit is individually packaged and contains a gimmicked wand and instructions for several wand-related magic tricks.

You mentioned giveaway items for all of the guests: What exactly are they?
Each guest will receive a Jumbo Mystery Dollar to take home, which is a jumbo-sized dollar bill with some funny business on the front and instructions for several magic tricks on the back. It's also redeemable for $10 off a future performance.

What if there’s a last-minute change of venue?
Provided the traveling distance is roughly the same and a day’s notice is given there shouldn’t be a problem changing venues, with the following exception: going from an indoor show to an outdoor show at the last minute. When working outdoors I use specific, weather-tolerant props which in all likelihood I’ll have left at home if the show was originally scheduled inside.

What if you get sick and have to cancel the show at the last minute?
I'm proud to say I have NEVER missed a show and left a client high and dry. As they say in the business, "The show must go on!" If, for the sake of argument, I did contract something that truly had me at Death's door, in all likelihood I could find a quality magician to stand in for me even on short notice.

How do we formally book a show, and when is payment required?
After contacting me and working out the various details of the performance, you will receive a Confirmation by e-mail for your review. Unless otherwise stated, no deposit is required and payment can be made the day of the show. At the present time I can only accept checks and cash, although hopefully by the end of the year I'll have the ability to take credit cards.

Interactive magic with Gordo the Magician

What tips can you give us for organizing our child's birthday party around a magic show?
Check out my Party Tips section, which answers many of the common questions people have about hosting a magic show, including when to schedule the show during the party, how much space is required, where to have people sit, and so on.

What if we'd like to 'Try before we Buy'? Is there anywhere we can see you perform?
The majority of my bookings are for private events, but any time I'm performing publicly I advertise it on my public calendar, so check back often! And remember, every Wednesday night I can be found at Damon's Restaurant in Ann Arbor from 5:30-8:30 performing tableside magic for children of all ages!

Have you ever performed in Las Vegas?
As a matter of fact I have! ... I did a couple of card tricks for a hotel employee while my wife and I were there on vacation.

Who is your favorite magician, Gordo?
My favorite magician is a gentleman by the name of Duane Laflin. Not only is he a fantastic entertainer, but he's also an excellent instructor and I highly recommend his teaching videos to anyone interested in learning magic or improving their existing skills. Any good magic dealer can point you towards Duane's products and DVDs.

What is your advice to a budding magician?
Magic is the most wonderful hobby in the world, but like most things worth doing it takes practice. Don't give up! Find a way to make practicing fun, like doing it in front of a mirror. Before long you'll even be fooling yourself!